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BTEC 107: Exploring Biotechnology

Recommended Databases for Biotechnology & Biomanufacturing

Recommended Databases

Read Books & eBooks

Biotechnology for Beginners
Food Fights
Re-Creating Nature: Science, Technology, and Human Values in the Twenty-First Century
Meat Planet : Artificial Flesh and the Future of Food
Biopunk Dystopias: Genetic Engineering, Society and Science Fiction
Ethical Issues in Biotechnology
Genetically Engineered Crops in America
Bioethics: An Anthology
Genetic Engineering
Food, Genetic Engineering and Philosophy of Technology
Can Biofuels Alleviate the Energy and Environmental Crisis?
Green Technology for Bioremediation of Environmental Pollution

Watch Streaming Films

cover for Biotech: The World of Microorganisms
Cover for Iron Heart
Cover for Can We Live Forever?
Cover for Tailored humanity : a revolution in genetics
Cover for Nova wonders. Can we make life?
Cover for Genetically Modified Crops: Hope vs. Hype
Cover for Raising Resistance
Cover for Growing Body Parts