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COMM 101 (Corey): Overview


Main key term: climate change

Alternate key terms: global warming

Aspects to consider: environment, carbon footprint, deforestation, green house emissions

Combine a key term with an aspect: "global warming" AND deforestation, "carbon footprint" AND environment

Smart Google Searching

Refine your Google search--add site:(domain) to your search terms, for example:

  • "rising temperatures" AND "coral bleaching" site:gov
  • "climate change" AND statistics site:org
  • deforestation AND "South America" site:edu

Complete listing of tips and tricks for Google searching

Tips from the Librarian

Accessing Databases

Searching Tips

Try multiple searches--typing in different keywords

  • Use BOOLEAN operators (ANDORNOT) to join terms / keywords
    • Example: Use AND  to limit results (Note: your results will contain both terms)

      • Computers AND Phishing

    • ​Example: Use OR  (for synonyms or related terms).

      • (web OR online) AND fraud  (Note: results contain either Web or Online with the term fraud). 

  • Phrase search: Use quotes around a phrase - "double quotation marks"

Books, E-books

  1. Use the library catalog to find books, e-books, DVDs and videos
  2. MiraCosta's E-Books can be accessed from off campus, too.
  3. Gale Virtual Reference Library (specialized encyclopedias, background information)

Try these Databases First

Opposing Viewpoints In Context (Articles, opinions, and research on social & controversial issues)

  • Search by keyword or "Browse Issues"
  • Viewpoint essays, primary sources, statistics, multimedia

CQ Researcher (Complete summaries & pros/cons of current & controversial issues)

  • Use "Quick Search" or "Browse Reports - By Topic"

EBSCOhost (Magazines & Scholarly Articles)

  • Search for articles using keywords

                 e.g.  business and social networks

  • Apply limits like Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journals, Published Date (e.g. 2008 - 2012)

National Newspapers 

  • Includes full-text of the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, and the Wall Street Journal

Need More?

Try: Health and Wellness Resource CenterScience In Context,  Global Issues in ContextGREENR (Environment, Energy, and Natural Resources) or

Databases by Subject

Stuck for a Topic?

What is Scholarly?

Peer Review in 3 minutes! (double click screen to enlarge video)