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ENGL 201 (Diaz)

OneSearch: Books, DVDs, eBooks, Articles, etc.

Recommended Databases

Search Strategies

Topic: "The issue of industrial waste disposal may be the most heated border environmental issue and one that was central to the debate over the signing of NAFTA."

Aspects to consider:

  • Types and effects: health, poverty, equity
  • Populations: women, children, migrant workers
  • Locations: U.S.-Mexico Border, Mexican-American Border Region

Related terms: industrial pollution, water pollution, hazardous waste, toxic materials, air pollution, air pollutants, emissions, water quality, environmental regulations, environmental equity, business ethics, social responsibility of business

Advanced Search Techniques:

  1. “quotation marks” are good for phrases ("hazardous waste")

  2. AND gives fewer results ("hazardous waste" and health)

  3. OR gives you more results (regulations or laws)

Other Suggested Databases

Scholarly Articles

Primary Sources

Primary Sources Secondary Sources
original documents and objects accounts or interpretations of events
created with firsthand experience created with secondhand experience
created at the time under study created at a different time than under study

Examples of Primary Sources can include government reports or other statistical resources, legal statutes, scientific studies with original research, or firsthand accounts of people who have worked in these industries. Consider searching government websites.

Also, search in Google and limit searches to a specifc domain.  For example:

  • lead and Flint site:org
  • Imperial Beach and pollution site:gov