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NUTR 108 Basile: NUTR 108

Tips from the Librarian

Before you start your research:

  • Take a close look at the assignment and determine the information you'll need to gather.

  • Choose the right database(s) for your topic.

  • Log-in to the databases/eBooks from off-campus with: SURF ID & SURF Password


  • Try multiple searches--typing in different keywords
    • "chinese food"  or try  "chinese cuisine"
    • "french food"  or try  "french cuisine"
  • Join multiple terms with "and" & "or" (food AND culture AND Vietnam; chilis OR peppers) (chilis OR peppers)

Keep in mind that keyword searching is not an exact science and you'll need to experiment with many different searches to get the results you want.

Books, Ebooks - 2 book requirement

The history of a country often influences its culture, particularly its cuisine. This means researching a country's history can provide relevant information to help you address the requirements of this assignment. Books are a great resource for this topic.

Articles (magazines & newspapers)

  • EBSCOhost - access to magazines, journals, and newspapers

Tips for downloading Ebooks from EBSCOhost



Need More? 

Check out additional Databases by Subject under the Articles/Databases navigation tab on Library Home. 

Food Culture in...

Try out these keywords in EBSCOhost and other databases

Food culture in Belgium
Food culture in Central America
Food culture in China
Food culture in France
Food culture in Germany
Food culture in Great Britain
Food culture in India
Food culture in Italy
Food culture in Japan
Food culture in Mexico
Food culture in Russia and Central Asia
Food culture in Scandinavia
Food culture in South America
Food culture in Southeast Asia
Food culture in Spain
Food culture in Sub-Saharan Africa
Food culture in the Caribbean
Food culture in the Mediterranean
Food culture in the Near East, Middle East, and North Africa
Food culture in the Pacific Islands

Cooking, Indic (search as Subject)

Jewish American Food

Latino Food Culture

Food History (and country or culture name, eg. 'food history and mexico')

Food Habits (and country or culture name, eg. 'food habits and germany')

Questions? - Ask Us!

Questions? Ask Us!