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ENGL52/100 (Guinon)

What are trade journals?

Trade sources, such as trade journals or trade magazines, are periodicals that publish articles relevant to a particular field or industry. They are usually written by professionals actively working in the field, or by journalists who have knowledge of the field. A trade source's primary intended audience is working professionals. Trade sources often have advertisements that are targeted to the professionals in that industry, highlighting specific tools or products that would be used in their work. Trade sources may sometimes include references or citations, but they are generally not required.

Trade sources include journals and magazines such as Library JournalAmerican Nurseryman, and Global Cosmetic Industry. 

How to find trade journals in EBSCO Host

  1. Go to the MiraCosta Library Home Page
  2. Click on Databases (located under the OneSearch bar)
  3. Click on EBSCO Host in the suggested databases box
  4. Log in with your SURF ID and password
  5. Type your career or profession in the search bar (i.e. cosmetology, horticulture)
  6.  In Source Types section on the left side of the results page, click on Trade Publications
  7. Browse through your results, clicking on the title to open
  8. Save or email the articles you like, and use the citation tool
  9. Check in with a librarian with the 24/7 chat button for more help!

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