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ENGL 202 Venegas Research Guide

ENGL 202 Venegas

Full Week 3 ENGL 202 Info here

5. Begin Your Annotated Bibliography & Write Your Prospectus (Complete by Sunday Sep. 12)

Annotated Bibliography/Source Evaluation #1

  • PROSPECTUS: You will begin your annotated bibliography with a prospectus paragraph introducing your research topic...
  • KEY WORDS: After you introduce your research topic and research question in a prospectus paragraph, include a list of the key research terms you have used thus far to find your sources... Great video on developing keywords.
  • SE#1: After your prospectus paragraph and key research terms, you are ready to begin evaluating your sources.  This week, you will need to find ONE popular source from a newspaper or periodical (e.g., The Atlantic, The Chronicle of Higher Education, Inside Higher Education).  This will be your Source Evaluation #1 (SE#1).
  • THE ANNOTATION PARAGRAPH: After giving the bibliographic entry—in MLA format—for the source, explain in one sentence each...