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Navajo Code Talkers: Whispers in the Wind

Special thanks to the following individuals and organizations for making this exhibit possible:


Exhibit Coordinators

  • Melissa Feinberg, Librarian
  • Stacey von Winckelmann, Librarian

Exhibit Resources

  • Glorian Sipman,  Librarian
  • Ellie Keene, Library Tech I (Public Services)
  • Vanessa Dibenedetto, Veterans Specialist

DVD Display

  • Tiffany Pennant-Jones, Library Tech I (Technical Services)

Administrative Support

  • Zhenya Lindstrom, Dean of Instructional Services
  • Michelle Ohnstad, Library Manager
  • Glorian Sipman, Library Department Chair
  • Gregory DePies, Interim Administrative Assistant

Community Resources

  • CIA
  • USO: Danielle DeSimone
  • The USO supports all U.S. military service members and their families throughout their military careers, wherever they are in the world. Learn more about today's USO at

Exhibit Advertising

  • Lauren McFall, Librarian
  • Melissa Feinberg, Librarian

Exhibit Questions or Comments