Chicago Citation & Style Guide


For websites include as much of the following as possible: title of page, author (if any), owner/sponsor of site, URL, and date of publication or modification. If publication or modification date is unavailable give date accessed.

(FN) Suchi Rudra, “Fresh Thinking,” The Slate Group, last modified February 11, 2014,

(B) Rudra, Suchi. “Fresh Thinking.” The Slate Group. Last modified February 11, 2014.



(FN) “Air & Radiation,” United States Environmental Protection Agency, published July 16, 2013,

(B) United States Environmental Protection Agency. “Air & Radiation.” Published July 16, 2013.


YouTube Video

(FN) “Lady Gaga - Born This Way,” YouTube video, 7:19, posted by “LadyGagaVEVO,” February 27, 2011,

(B) “Lady Gaga - Born This Way.” YouTube video, 7:19. Posted by “LadyGagaVEVO.” February 27,