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Info 6: Citing Sources: Plagiarism



Have you ever been accused of plagiarism?

Never. I'm an angel.: 133 votes (73.48%)
Yes, but I didn't know what I was doing.: 33 votes (18.23%)
Yes. It was a last minute thing.: 2 votes (1.1%)
No comment.: 13 votes (7.18%)
Total Votes: 181

How to Avoid Plagiarism


Students who are accused of plagiarism could

  • fail the assignment
  • fail the class
  • be suspended or expelled from school

Plagiarism constitutes academic dishonesty according to MiraCosta College Administrative Policy 5500-M. See MiraCosta College Catalog for more details. Incidences of Academic Dishonesty are reflected on your transcript and may result in a disciplinary action.