Library & Hub Policies

Overdue Items, Fines & Holds

No daily fines are collected for overdue material. When an item is overdue, the patron receives a courtesy notice informing them of the overdue status and providing the opportunity to renew the material. The patron is blocked from checking out any library material until the overdue item is returned or renewed. If there is no response to this notice within a week, a second courtesy notice is sent.

When an item is overdue for 30 days, a letter is sent notifying the patron of the material's "long overdue" status. At this point, a campus-wide hold is placed on the patron's record and is in effect until the patron has returned or paid for the material. He or she is unable to register for classes or to obtain grades and transcripts. Return of the material will result in the removal of the campus-wide hold. However, failure to return course reserve material when due may result in suspension of reserve room borrowing privileges.

If a patron fails to respond to the "long overdue" notice within the time period specified on the notice, the library will post a replacement fee for each long overdue item against the patron's record. A notice of this fee and consequences is mailed to the patron at the time of posting. 

  1. Patrons will be charged the actual replacement cost for books and DVDs, a $40 flat fee for playaways and playaway/book sets, and a $50 flat fee for playaway/book/DVD sets.
  2. After a fee is posted, no arrangements may be made with the library.
  3. Return of the materials will not negate the posted fee.
  4. To restore campus privileges, the patron must pay all replacement fees, plus a college-imposed processing fee of $10.00 per incident, through Cashiering Services.
  5. All materials remain the property of the library.