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Pamela A. Perry


Contact Info:

phone: 760-634-7824
office: San Elijo Campus Library, Room 110A


Masters in Library & Information Science, University of Texas - Austin

BA Geography & International Development, Clark University 


Course Information- Fall 2020

LIBR 201: Media & Information Literacy

Section #1836 Fall 2020
15 Weeks - ONLINE Starts September 7, 2020

Online using CANVAS learning management system


LIBR 201: Media & Information Literacy.

This course examines the exponential growth of online information and the resulting complex digital media landscape faced by students in the 21st century. Students explore the psychological, social, and physiological impact of online media engagement, while developing essential information literacy skills that are relevant to current academic endeavors and to their future as informed citizens and lifelong learners. Through multiple online platforms and advanced online search strategies, students learn to locate, evaluate, and communicate information responsibly and ethically. UC CREDIT LIMITATION: Credit for LIBR 201 or LIBR 201H.

LIBR 201 Student Learning Outcomes (As of Fall 2019 semester)

  1. Given a specific research topic, the student will develop and execute an effective research strategy utilizing advanced search techniques.
  2. Student will critically evaluate the credibility and quality of an information source by applying a prescribed set of criteria.
  3. The student will identify citation elements in a variety of information sources and consistently apply a citation style in referencing information.
  4. The student will compare and contrast characteristics of popular and scholarly information sources.