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SOC 101 (Blunt): Home

Find Background Information

What is a Scholarly Article?

Scholarly (or Academic or Peer-Reviewed) Articles are:

  • Written by experts in a subject who share original research
  • Published in a scholarly journal
  • Use technical language 
  • Use many in-text citations
  • Include lengthy references
  • Often include tables, charts, and graphs

Learn how to distinguish between popular and scholarly articles: Is it a Magazine or Scholarly Journal?

Scholarly Databases

Search Strategies

Main key term:  "social norms"

Alternative key terms: "social perception"

Aspects to consider: behavior, environment, culture, situational

Advanced Search Techniques:

  1. “quotation marks” are good for phrases ("social influence")

  2. AND gives fewer results ("social norms" and social media)

  3. OR gives more results ("social behavior" or "conformity")