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SOC 101 (Soto-Gomez)

Library Resources: Explore Topics & Find Articles

"Food inequality in the United States can take many forms.These inequalities often have deep historical roots and a complex connection to race, socioeconomic status, gender, and geography."

Food Inequities book cover

Gale In Context: Opposing Viewpoints

A social issues database with full-text periodical articles, viewpoint essays, reference material, statistics, topic overviews and websites, organized under popular research topic headings.

CQ Researcher

Weekly Congressional Quarterly Press reports offering analysis of most current major controversial issues with summaries, pros and cons, statistics, and bibliographies. CQ Press archives date back to 1991.

Gale in Context: Global Issues

Focuses on broad issues such as war, genocide, poverty, globalization as well as specific events and topics in the news that are related to these broader issues.

Search Strategies

  • Use the databases above to browse for topics by subject and then explore the resources available.
  • Do a little background reading: find a Topic Overview first.        
  • Once you decide how to focus your topic, search in the resources below combining keywords for your topic. Examples:
    • "environmental justice" and borderlands
    • racism and (healthcare or medicine)
    • redlining and California

More ways to get inspired finding your perfect research topic: 

Newspapers, Magazines, & Journals

Los Angeles Times (1996-present)

Full-text articles (1996-present) of southern California's largest metropolitan daily newspaper.

Contexts (e-journal)

A quarterly journal offering a thought-provoking take on modern life in our communities. (American Sociological Association; 2002-present)


Journal articles on life sciences, health sciences, engineering, physical sciences, social sciences and humanities.

EBSCOhost : All Databases

Cross-search all EBSCO databases (50+); magazines, journals, ebooks, news and primary sources, covering multi-disciplinary topics.

US Newsstream (National Newspapers from ProQuest)

Full-text of Los Angeles Times, New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, Denver Post, Chicago Tribune, Atlanta Journal / Constitution, Boston Globe, Christian Science Monitor, and over 500 other newspapers, plus other news sources.