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SOC 102 (Allyn)

Background and Pro/Con Databases

Database Search Tips

Advanced Search Techniques 

  • Use “quotation marks” to keep words together in a specific order; good for phrases ("human trafficking")
  • Use AND to search all terms; gives fewer results ("human trafficking" AND children")
  • Use OR to find either term; useful for synonyms and gives more results ("kids OR children")
  • Use truncation (shift 8 to get the asterisk) to search for multiple variations of a word (traffick* - searches for the words trafficker, traffickers and trafficking at once)

Brainstorm Related Terms 

  • Examples: teenagers, adolescents, slavery, "child trafficking", "human rights" "sex trafficking"

Smart Google Searching

Search Google using "quotation marks" around "specific phrases" and add specified domains (gov, edu, org) to get more specific results. 

Here are some sample searches:

  • "human trafficking" site:edu
  • "human trafficking" statistics site:gov
  • "human trafficking" site: org

What is a Scholarly Article?

Scholarly (or Academic or Peer-Reviewed) Articles are:

  • Written by experts in a subject who share original research
  • Published in a scholarly journal
  • Use technical language 
  • Use many in-text citations
  • Include lengthy references
  • Often include tables, charts, and graphs

Learn how to distinguish between popular and scholarly articles: Is it a Magazine or Scholarly Journal?

Scholarly Databases



Search scholarly journals, magazines, ebooks, and more

Search Tip

  • Under "Limit your results," check the box for Peer-Reviewed/Scholarly/Academic. 
  • Narrow by Published Date (e.g. 2010 - 2022)

Go to EBSCOhost Database



Search full-text scholarly journals and chapters from eBooks

Search Tip

  • Select Item Type: Article
  • Browse by Subject in the Advanced Search and select Sociology under the Journal Filter heading.

Go to JSTOR Database

Consult the Official APA Style Guide

APA Style Guide

Questions About Citations?

Ask a Librarian Visit the Writing Center

Cite Multiple Authors in APA

APA In-Text Citations

3 or more authors

  • List et al. after first author: (Brown et al., 2020)

More Examples

APA References Page

Three to Twenty Authors

  • List all of the authors (up to 20 names). 

More Than Twenty Authors

  • List the first 19 authors then an ellipsis ( . . . ) and final author.  

More Examples