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Library & Information Hub Policies

Checking Out Library Materials

MiraCosta faculty, staff and currently enrolled students may check out library materials at the Circulation Desk with the presentation of a valid MiraCosta College Student ID or government-issued picture ID. The loan periods for library materials are as follows:


21 days (one renewal)


21 days (no renewals)

Bestsellers & New Books

42 days (no renewals)

CDs & DVDs       

7 days (one renewal)

Newspapers & Magazines      

Non-circulating (in-library use only)

Textbooks on Reserve

2-hour in-library use only (unless otherwise marked; no renewals)

3-hour Laptops

3-hour in-library use only, with signed borrower agreement on file (no renewals)

7-day Laptops

7-day checkout, with signed borrower agreement on file (no renewals; must wait 24 hours between checkouts)

Mobile Hotspots

7-day checkout, with signed borrower agreement on file (no renewals; must wait 24 hours between checkouts)


7-day checkout (no renewals)

Other Accessories
(headphones, phone chargers, HDMI cables)

2-hour in-library use only

Overdue Items & Fines

No daily fines are collected for overdue material. When an item is overdue, the patron receives a courtesy notice informing them of the overdue status and providing the opportunity to renew the material. The patron is blocked from checking out any library material until the overdue item is returned or renewed. If there is no response to this notice within a week, a second courtesy notice is sent.

When an item is overdue for 30 days, a letter is sent notifying the patron of the material's "long overdue" status. At this point, a campus-wide hold is placed on the patron's record and is in effect until the patron has returned or paid for the material. He or she is unable to register for classes or obtain grades and transcripts. Return of the material will result in the removal of the campus-wide hold. However, failure to return course reserve material when due may result in suspension of reserve material borrowing privileges.

If a patron fails to respond to the "long overdue" notice within the time period specified on the notice, the library will post a replacement fee for each long overdue item against the patron's record. A notice of this fee and consequences is mailed to the patron at the time of posting.

  • Patrons will be charged the actual replacement cost for books and DVDs, a $40 flat fee for playaways and playaway/book sets, and a $50 flat fee for playaway/book/DVD sets. 
  • After a fee is posted, no arrangements may be made with the library.
  • Return of the materials will not negate the posted fee.
  • To restore campus privileges, the patron must pay all replacement fees, plus a college-imposed processing fee of $10.00 per incident, through Cashiering Services.
  • All materials remain the property of the library.

For information on overdue laptops, mobile hotspots and other library technology, please see the Library Technology User Agreement.

Requesting Materials within MiraCosta

Library materials can be requested using the OneSearch tool. Patrons may arrange to have material sent to the Oceanside campus, San Elijo campus, or the Community Learning Center (CLC). However, Textbooks and Reference items cannot be sent to other campuses. For more information, visit or call the Oceanside Circulation Desk (760) 795-6715 or San Elijo Circulation Desk (760) 634-7850.

Interlibrary Loan (ILL)

If a book or periodical article you need is not in the MiraCosta College Library collection, we will be happy to attempt to obtain it for you from another library. There is currently no charge for this service; for this reason, we do reserve the right to limit the number of items we can request for you at one time. 

Interlibrary Loan services are a cooperative arrangement through which libraries throughout the world may request materials from one another. Many libraries, including MiraCosta, use the Online Computer Library Center (OCLC) to facilitate the Interlibrary Loan service. OCLC presently provides online access to nearly 20 million titles.

Please complete and submit the appropriate form for a book request or an article request. We will contact you if we have any questions. Otherwise you will be contacted when the item arrives at MiraCosta College Library.

Reciprocal Borrowing Privileges for Palomar College, MiraCosta College, and Cal State San Marcos Students

The services of the MiraCosta College Library have been designed especially to meet the needs of the students of MiraCosta College and to support the college curriculum. Library services are generally available to any area resident and we particularly welcome students from other institutions.

To obtain reciprocal borrowing privileges, Palomar College and Cal State San Marcos students must visit the Library in person and present a valid, current identification card from their own institution, accompanied by a photo ID if no photo is included on the student card (NCHEA Libraries reciprocal lending agreement). Library staff will enter the student into our database.

MiraCosta College Reciprocal Borrowing Policy:

  • All circulating items may be renewed once, with the exception of audiobooks and bestsellers. Renewals may be requested in person or by phone.
  • No fines are imposed for late materials, but students are held responsible for items not returned and are charged a per-item replacement fee.
  • No refunds are given.
  • Each student, and not his/her home institution, is responsible for materials lent to him/her and all resultant replacement fees under these reciprocal borrowing privileges.
  • The institution at which the student is enrolled may, at the request of MiraCosta College, place the student under campus-wide hold for unreturned materials.‚Äč

Two restrictions apply to reciprocal borrowing privileges: Interlibrary loans must be arranged through the institution at which the student is currently enrolled, and the circulation of course reserve material is limited to currently enrolled MiraCosta students.


Current MiraCosta students wishing to exercise reciprocal borrowing privileges at Cal State San Marcos or Palomar College must present library staff at either institution with a current MiraCosta student ID card. For information on obtaining an MCC student ID card, visit the Student Activities Office page

Borrowing Privileges for Community Members

Library services are generally available to any area resident. Community members are welcome to come in and use the library at any time without a college identification card but may not borrow materials without a community patron ID card.

  • To obtain borrowing privileges, a community member must visit the library in person and complete a community patron card application.
  • Required information includes full name, address, telephone number, and driver's license or student identification card with a photograph.
  • The cost of a community patron card is $6.00 and is valid for one year after date of issue.
  • Payment is made at the Cashier's Office and the patron photo ID card is obtained at the Student Activities Office.
  • Community patrons who abuse borrowing privileges may have their privileges limited or revoked.
  • Remote access to library databases is not included with the $6 fee. 
  • Wireless network access and interlibrary loan privileges are reserved for MiraCosta faculty, staff and currently enrolled students. Laptop and wireless hotspot checkout privileges are reserved for currently enrolled MiraCosta students only.


How do I get this book (or other item) that is on reserve for my class?

To get your professor’s list of reserve materials, use the reserve search above or search the library’s catalog. You may search by instructor’s name or by course number. Once you have searched by instructor's name or by course number, the reserve material list appears. Click on the title you need, and write down the information listed on the catalog record. (for example, "RESV-OCN desk: Available: for: 2HOUR checkout")

What and where are OPEN RESERVES?

Open reserves indicate that the reserve item is shelved in the library and may be used in the library for up to 2 hours. Open reserve shelves are located near the check-out desk at both the San Elijo and Oceanside campuses. Items are arranged on the shelves by class subject (for example BIOL or ENGL). Ask for assistance at the Circulation/Check-out Desk.

What and where are CLOSED RESERVES?

Closed reserves are located behind the Circulation/Check-out Desk. Closed reserve items must be checked out for use in the library. To check out items from Closed Reserves you must present one of the following:

  • A valid MCC student ID card

  • Your Student ID number along with a picture ID with your current address

May reserves be taken out of the library?

In most cases, course reserves are restricted to 2-hour use in the library only. However, a small number of items may be checked out overnight. The loan period is indicated in the catalog record. If you have any questions, ask for assistance at the Circulation/Check-out Desk.

Failure to return reserve material when due may result in suspension of reserve room borrowing privileges.

Can I make copies from books on reserve?

The library has high-resolution scanners that may be used to scan pages from books in our collection, including textbooks on reserve. Scanned pages may be emailed, saved to a flash drive, or saved to a Cloud-based account, such as GoogleDrive. Copies of scanned pages may then be printed using the Library's pay-for-print system. In accordance with MiraCosta College's Copyright Policy (AP 3750), only single articles of a periodical or one chapter of a book may be scanned.

Can I renew an item on reserve?

Textbooks and other materials on reserve cannot be renewed. All materials must be returned within two hours of checkout or, in the case of overnight use reserves, at the time specified on the checkout receipt. This ensures timely and equitable access to reserve materials for all students.

What if my instructor does not have the textbook on reserve?

Sometimes entire departments will place materials on reserve. If you do not see your instructor's name, search by department (for example, BIOL or MATH) and look for "All Instructors." Instructors are not required to place copies of course textbooks on reserve in the library. If you would like to have a copy of the the text on reserve in the library, you should address your request directly to your instructor.

Still have questions? Contact a librarian or visit the library.