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FAQ about Textbooks

Can I access my textbook online?

In some cases, the library does have an online version of the textbook available.  To see if we do, you can search in the "Find Textbooks" box above or check the list posted immediately above. 

Please note that the number of users who can can access an ebook varies.  Some are unlimited and some are limited to 1, 2, or 3 users.

What are my options if there is no online version available from the library?

Most likely you will need to purchase or rent a print or online copy.  Please check the College Bookstore for available options and pricing. 

What if I have the book on order, but it hasn't arrived yet? 

Let your instructor know that you are waiting for the book to arrive.  Instructors may place scanning requests with the library for the first week's required reading, which can then be shared with enrolled students.  This is assuming that the library has a print copy of the textbook in our collection. 

Can I request a copy of the print textbook from the library?

It depends.  If the library has a copy of a textbook in our regular collection, you may request that it be checked out and mailed to you.  You would make that request by looking for the book in our OneSearch, signing in, and clicking on the request link. 

However, if the textbook is only in the reserve collection, then you cannot request it.  Many of the library's copies are instructor-owned, and we are not allowed to check those out.  Also, we need to make sure we keep a copy on hand, in case an instructor makes a scanning request.

My FILM101 instructor is requiring that I watch a film for my class.  Can you help me find it?

Typically, instructors will provide the link to the streaming version of a film in Canvas.  If your instructor has not done that, you can check this list. If you don't find the film on the list, please ask ask a librarian for assistance.  If you look in OneSearch and find the DVD version, you may sign in and click on the request link.  We will then check out and mail the DVD to you.

Still have questions? Ask a librarian.

Textbook FAQs