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Giving Credit

When you use the words or original ideas of another person in your writing, you need to document, or give credit to, the sources of those words or ideas. If exact words from the original are used, quotation marks are necessary. If you paraphrase, or restate the idea in your own words, quotation marks are not required, but documentation of the source is still required.

Avoiding Plagiarism

Copying someone else's work or ideas and misrepresenting them as your own is called plagiarism. Committing plagiarism, whether intentionally or unintentionally, is a violation of academic integrity and can result in suspension from school. The best way to avoid plagiarism is to:

  • Take good notes and record important citation information (author, titles, dates, pages, etc.)
  • Avoid copying and pasting from the Web and other electronic resources
  • Use your own ideas and words
  • Give credit for copied, adapted, or paraphrased material using a proper citation style

For more information stop by the Research Help desk, Ask a Librarian online, or visit the Writing Center.