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Info 2: Research Process

Ready to Dive?

Diving Into Research

What Should I Use?

Good places to look for background info include general reference sources.  These are encyclopedias and even websites like Wikipedia (just make sure you don't cite from this source). Remember that Wikipedia is a good starting point but does not serve as a substitute for library resources.  The following databases provide solid background info on most topics:




Databases that incorporate videos also give good background info on a particular topic, especially for those who are visual learners:


Detective Work

Detective Work

GVRL & Britannica

The following videos show overviews of Gale Virtual Reference Library and Britannica Online. Click the YouTube icon () at the bottom right of the video screen to enlarge the viewing area.


Reflect On Your Own

Would you build a house without a plan?  How does this analogy relate to finding background information as it pertains to the research process?