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The Hill We Climb On The Pulse of Morning

Special thanks to the following individuals for making this exhibit possible:

20 Black Poets You Should Know and Love

  • Hope Wabuke,

Online Exhibit

  • Stacey von Wincklemann, Librarian

Library Resources Curators

  • Maria Bartolotti, Librarian
  • Alison Weitman, Librarian

DVD Display

  • Camille Wilder Stern, Library Tech II

Administrative Support

  • Zhenya Lindstrom, Dean of Instructional Services
  • Wendy Stewart, Dean Counseling & Student Development
  • Michelle Ohnstad, Library Manager
  • Glorian Sipman, Library Department Chair

Exhibit Questions or Comments

Umoja Program, Black Student Union, Black Alliance

  • Don Love, Umoja Program Counselor/Coordinator
  • Dr. Rachel Hastings, Director of NCHEA
  • Majia Logan
  • Skye Lebreton
  • Jermane Cooper
  • Marissa Love
  • Alexandria Ramseier
  • JD Banks, Student Equity Department
  • Hayat Sherif
  • JahB Prescott, Professor English Dept
  • Jon Fuzell, TASC

Exhibit Advertising

  • Daniel Penuelas
  • Teya Searles
  • Gregorio Reyes
  • Cindy Arce
  • Kristina Londy
  • Lauren McFall, Librarian
  • Melissa Feinberg, Librarian