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ESL Resources

Digitally Available 24/7

The following set of lower, middle, and upper level ESL eBooks and magazines are available 24/7 with unlimited user access (whole classes can access the same book at the same time).

Lower Level ESL Magazines

Lower Level ESL eBooks

Middle Level ESL eBooks

Upper Level ESL eBooks

Britannica Books Collection

Britannica Books Collection

This e-book collection serves as an introduction to people, subjects and events that shape our world. You will need your SURF ID and password to access off campus. Librarians are available to help you access these titles anytime!

100 Most Influential

The 100 Most Influential Medical Pioneers of All Time
The 100 Most Influential Technology Leaders
The 100 Most Influential Military Leaders of All Time
The 100 Most Influential Entertainers of Stage and Screen
The 100 Most Influential Religious Leaders of All Time

Contemporary Biographies

Historical Biographies


Sports Biographies

Russell Westbrook
Cristiano Ronaldo
Russell Wilson
Lionel Messi
David Ortiz
LeBron James
Kobe Bryant
Tom Brady
Sidney Crosby
Derek Jeter in the Community

Other Resources

Check out the databases below to learn more about the topics in this collection.