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Non-Credit ESL

Playaway Audiobooks

Island of the Blue Dolphins playaway cover
The Dreamer playaway cover
Holes playaway cover
Dragonwings playaway cover
I am Malala playaway cover
The Book Thief playaway cover
The Golden Compass playaway cover
A Wrinkle in Time playaway cover

Read Along

Graphic Novels

Who Was Series

Beginner ESL Books

Intermediate ESL Books

Advanced ESL Books

Beginner ESL Nonfiction

Patterns in the City book cover
Patterns in Nature book cover
Patterns in Sports book cover
Patterns at the Zoo book cover
Patterns at the Park book cover
Patterns at School book cover
Liam Says
Exploring Soils book cover
Junk Food, Yes or No book cover
A Year at a Construction Site book cover
A Day at an Airport book cover

Intermediate ESL Nonfiction

The Trail Book book cover
Why Does Democracy Matter? book cover
Zoology book cover
Malala Yousafzai book cover
Meteorology book cover
Architecture book cover
Great Escapes book cover
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs book cover
The Best of Shakespeare book cover
Math in Nature book cover
Nature's Paintbox book cover
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass book cover
Little Whale book cover
Rebels and Revolutions book cover
Space Explorers book cover
Space Tech book cover
Stickmen's Guide to Math book cover
Math in Science book cover

Advanced ESL Nonfiction

McCarthyism and the Red Scare book cover
The Boy of Chancellorville and Other Civil War Stories book cover
To Keep the South Manitou Light book cover
The Good Oak book cover
Baker's Dozen book cover
The Wind in the Willows book cover
Get into Yoga book cover
Women's Suffrage book cover
Boston Tea Party book cover
Political Resistance in the Current Age book cover
Taking Turns book cover
Tatterhood book cover
The Hunter Maiden book cover
Dolores Huerta Stands Strong book cover
Civil Rights Sit-Ins book cover
Black Lives Matter book cover
Environmental Protests book cover

Biography ESL eBooks

Sonia Sotomayor : The Supreme Court's First Hispanic Justice
Barack Obama
Harriet Tubman : Abolitionist and Conductor of the Underground Railroad
Sitting Bull : Lakota Tribal Chief and Leader of Native American Resistance
The Dalai Lama : Spiritual Leader of the Tibetan People
Anne Frank : Heroic Diarist of the Holocaust
Dr. Seuss : Imaginative Children's Book Writer and Illustrator
Nelson Mandela : Nobel Peace Prize-winning Champion for Hope and Harmony
Susan B. Anthony : Pioneering Leader of the Women's Rights Movement
Rosa Parks
Leonardo Da Vinci : Genius of the Italian Renaissance
Vincent Van Gogh : Master of Post-impressionist Painting
Malala Yousafzai
Walt Disney : Legendary Animator and Entertainment Entrepreneur
Steve Jobs : Visionary of the Digital Revolution

Science ESL eBooks

The Reproductive System book cover
The Digestive System book cover
The Cardiovascular System book cover
The brain and the nervous system book cover
Blood book cover
The Respiratory System book cover
Evolution book cover

Sport ESL eBooks

Russell Westbrook book cover
Neymar book cover
Cristiano Ronaldo book cover
Russell Wilson book cover
Lionel Messi book cover
David Ortiz book cover
LeBron James book cover
Kobe Bryant book cover
Tom Brady book cover
Sidney Crosby book cover
Derek Jeter in the Community book cover

ESL Friendly Research Databases