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HIST 110 (Riggs)

Steven's Schedule

On sabbatical until January 2025. For research help  LIVE CHAT  from the library homepage or call/email/text the Library.

Live Chat 24/7

Sample chat questions:

  1. Can you help me find a primary source about the Salem witch trials?
  2. Is this journal article I found scholarly and peer-reviewed/refereed?
  3. Are my Chicago Style citations correct?

Research Suggestions

Visual & Written Primary Sources

Source #1) Visual primary sources created at the time of the thing you are studying include engravings, maps, popular or fine art pieces, an advertisement or cartoon, etc.

Source #2) Written primary sources created at the time of the thing you are studying include newspaper articles, letters, diaries, travel accounts, treaties, speech transcriptions, etc.

Scholarly Secondary Sources

Background information & initial research

To get a working knowledge about your topic (events, key people, places, etc.) your instructor said Wikipedia and Google Scholar may be helpful. I will add to that our best background information database, Gale eBooks.

Source #3) Scholarly Secondary sources discussing the thing you are researching should come from scholarly, peer-reviewed journals or book chapters from scholarly books/anthologies. Your instructor asks for sources that are at most 15-20 years old, if possible.


  • After doing a search note the limiters for Journals and Book Chapters on the left side
  • You'll need to Google journal names to determine if they're peer-reviewed/referred. It should say in the About section or Notes to Authors and/or list an editorial board of subject-matter experts.
  • Sample search: Salem witch trials



  1. Sample search: Salem witch trials
  2. If you get to a pay wall (asking for you to pay) simply request the article (FOR FREE) from the MiraCosta Library. Click on ILL Article Request here:

Contemporary Popular Culture Source

Source #4) Contemporary popular culture sources from the relative present include memes, advertisements or commercials, film or TV clips (5 minutes or less), songs, fashion collections or editorial spreads, etc.