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We The People celebrates the community that is MiraCosta College and demonstrates our humanity as well as our creative and collaborative spirit.  Below is a summary of what you’ll see around the Library. Enjoy our exhibits, and please take a comment card to fill out. We value your feedback.

Susan Asato’s Photographic Journey: MCC’s Director of Purchasing is an amateur photographer. Her photos here represent people she has met in her travels; she hopes you will share what she has found in her subjects: humor, compassion and curiosity.

We Are Innovators: (Outside Library) Enjoy the creative and collaborative efforts of the MiraCosta College Design Club, in which students in Design and Architecture courses, led by Professors David Parker, Chris Boehm and Paul Clarke, represent famous American landmarks.

We Are Scientists: Student teams in Professor Janelle West’s BIO 102 during Fall ‘17 created posters where they presented important ecological and environmental issues facing our communities and our planet.

We Are Inclusive: Students in our Child Development Program share case studies and practices from their studies on working with children with special needs in the MiraCosta College Child Development Center.

We Are MiraCosta: Faculty, staff and students respond to reflective prompts and share stories of their lives.  Feel free to submit your story for inclusion and our archive!

We Are Veterans: Professor Jacob Strona shares student stories from his Student Veteran Oral History Project, which focuses on students who were in the military before attending MiraCosta College.

We Are 50 States (2nd floor): Students in Professor Jill Malone’s MAT 110 and 210 courses created images and video reflecting the beauty and diversity of our 50 states.

About Our Logo: Instructional Aide—Computer Lab and graphic artist Aisha Mijares designed our logo, which evokes our community and its diversity.  The postage stamp design’s 18 cents represents the year 2018. The last time a postage stamp sold for 18 cents was from March to November of 1981!

Susan Asato

Hi!  I’m Susan Asato, an amateur photographer from Del Mar, California. 

My introduction to photography came as a result of a bad fall and a knee injury.  Life in the slow lane forced me to slow down and see the world around me in a different way.  Through my camera lens, I am able to view the world through both a microscope and a telescope.  In a one-inch viewfinder, the tiniest insect and the tallest mountains can share the same magnificent scale.  

If you ask me what kind of photography I do, I will tell you that I am simply an opportunistic photographer.  There are too many interesting and beautiful pictures in the world to restrict myself to just one or two genres.  I love to shoot nature in the form of macro photographs, people in portrait and street shots, objects in still life, and abstracts when the creative part of me wants to color outside of the lines.  Every subject, no matter how mundane, is worthy of a story in a photograph.  So whether you would describe my style as "random" or simply "delightfully eclectic", I leave that to you, the viewer.

Someone once said that the camera is the least important element in photography.  I absolutely subscribe to this premise.  My hope is to share with you what the camera has found in my heart – humor, compassion and curiosity.




  • Mario Valente

Project Coordinators:

  • Sara Cassetti
  • Richard Ma
  • Michelle Ohnstad


  • Aisha Mijares


  • MCC Foundation
  • MCC Student Equity
  • MCC Friends of the Library
  • Susan Asato

Exhibit Setup:

  • James McGarry
  • Jay Hartzell
  • Amy Paopao
  • Janine Washabaugh

Project Collaborators:

  • David Parker & Design Club
  • Jill Malone & MAT classes
  • Janelle West & Biology class
  • Linda Haar, Mark Whitney, Claudia Flores, Penny Skemp & CDC Staff
  • Jacob Strona & Veteran students


  • Lauren McFall