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Through the Lens of Time

Special Thanks! (Library & AIS)

Myla Stokes Kelly (Project Manager-Library)

James Matthews (Library)

Michelle Ohnstad (Library)

Jennifer Paris (Library)

Pamela Perry (Library)

Glorian Sipman (Library )

Debbie White (Library)

Jordan Barber (AIS)

Donna Blanton (AIS)

Jim Chardi (AIS)

Alejandra Lopez Camarillo (AIS)

Kevein Mezquita (AIS)

Ramiro Peregrino (AIS)

Jill Ringer (AIS)

Lori Schneider (AIS)

Steve Schultz (AIS)

Fred Steffy (AIS)

Special Thanks! (Other Departments)

Thy Vu (Project Manager-Math Dept)

Scott Fallstrom (Math Dept)

Amy Paopao (TASC)

Lily Mara (TASC)

Matt Pitcher (Community Member)

Jade Hidle (Letters)

Thanh Lai (Purchasing)

Brandi Blahnik (Writing Center)

Denise Stephenson (Writing Center)

Mark Whitney (Child Development)

Special Thanks! (Authors)

Mary Cargill (Voices of Vietnamese Boat People)

Carina Hoang (Boat People: Personal Stories from the Vietnam Exodus)