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Library iQ

Right Here, Right Now

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This tutorial covers the following topics:

  1. the research process,
  2. using the library's catalog to find books and e-books,
  3. accessing databases to locate articles, and
  4. finding reliable web resources

Throughout your learning, you will gain the basic skills to search, locate, and evaluate information efficiently and effectively. Ultimately, you'll want to take these skills and apply them to the courses you are taking to help improve how you research and how you handle the various types of information issues that come your way.

What is Information Literacy?

It's your ability to:

  1. perceive the information world around you.
  2. navigate that world and critically choose what is reliable and appropriate.
  3. find the right amount of information and gather it.
  4. ask for help when the path is unclear.

A world of information surrounds you. Command it. Or be commanded by it.

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Original Video Credit: Karl Fisch, Scott McLeod, & Jeff Brenman

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