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ENGL 201 (Wood)

Intro Test

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Learn About the Authors

Literary Theory Overviews

Book cover for The Literary Theory Handbook
Book cover for Key Terms in Literary Theory
Book cover for Literary Theory: the Basics
Book cover for Encyclopedia of Contemporary Literary Theory
Book cover for Critical Theory Today

Keyword Tips

Keywords are the most important ideas in your topic.

Advanced Search Strategies: 

  • “Quotation marks” keep words together ("community college")
  • AND searches all terms ("community college AND textbooks")
  • OR finds either term; useful for synonyms ("books OR literature")
  • Truncation (shift 8 to get the asterisk) searches multiple variations of a word (comput* - computer, computers, and computation at once)

Grow Your Keyword List With: 

  • Words you read in abstracts, article titles, and subject headings

Background and Reference Databases

Literature Databases

Scholarly Databases

Database Search Tips

EBSCOhost: Select Peer-Reviewed/Scholarly under Limit your Results.

JSTOR: Select Language and Literature under Journal Filter.

Gale Literature: Search by Browse Topics or Person Search if author is known.

What is a Scholarly Journal?

Scholarly (or Peer-Reviewed) Articles are:

  • Written by experts in a subject who share original research
  • Published in a scholarly journal


  • Use technical language 
  • Use many in-text citations
  • Include lengthy references
  • Often include tables, charts, and graphs
  • Include few to no advertisements

Learn how to spot a scholarly article: Is it a Magazine or Scholarly Journal?

Evaluate Your Sources

Ask questions to determine if a source is credible: 

Currency: Is the information timely? 

Relevancy: Does the information answer your research question.

Authority: Who is the source of information?

Accuracy: Does the information seem reliable, truthful, and correct?

Purpose: Why does this information exist? 

Use this checklist to evaluate for reliable sources: CSU Chico CRAAP Test