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Faculty Services

Scanning Policies

Before requesting a scan, please consult our list of textbooks that are currently available online located above.

Before instructors place a request for scanning, we ask that they explore all other available options. The library is continuing to list our reserves textbooks with links to the online versions where available. However, we realize that alternate options may not always be available.

If your textbook is not available online, instructors may place a scanning request by filling out the scanning request form below. ‚ÄčThe Library will only process scanning requests for reserve items coming from instructors. Students making requests will be directed to their instructors. ‚ÄčIt is far more efficient for the Library to fulfill a scanning request from one instructor, than for us to handle multiple student requests for the same class.

The following rules apply:

  • Scans will be limited to the readings required for the first 1-2 weeks or 10% of the book, whichever is greater; this is due to copyright limitations. We will not scan entire books.
  • Scanning will likely not be a total solution for student textbook access.  Rather, the service is intended to give students time to purchase or rent the required text, while allowing them to keep up with their course work. 
  • Scans should be posted in Canvas, so only enrolled students can access the content.
  • Scans should only be posted while the campus is shut down. Once we reopen the physical libraries, instructors should remove the scanned documents.
  • The Library will not scan items if we identify that an alternative means of access is available online.
  • The Library will continue to look for electronic versions of required textbooks and will notify instructors when we are able to acquire the material.
  • The Library will need up to a week to process the request, due to continued campus closure. This will allow us to limit staff time on campus and attempt to group requests together. 

Please complete the following form