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Info 5: Websites

Monkey See, Monkey Do

We sometimes believe that if information is presented in a nice package, it must be true. In reality though, when it comes to Web sources, anyone who has access to the Internet can publish information. These sources may not undergo the same quality review process as information published in books and subscription databases (a collection of magazine, newspaper, and journal articles). Their accuracy should be examined, and ultimately, the burden of proof rests with the person viewing the page.

What to Look For


Money House

Checks & Balances

Bullet Check to see if the author or publisher is reliable or credible.

Bullet Is the info on the webpage supported by other info that you’ve come across?

Bullet Are there gross/multiple misspellings and/or grammatical errors?

Bullet Is there a bibliography or are any references listed?

Bullet Does the language seem neutral--unbiased and free of emotion?