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ENGL 201 (dara)

Poetry Project


  • Complete some research on your chosen poetic style. You should know the style "inside and out" before you begin to write your masterpiece.
  • Read and study examples of this style from different poets and uncover some themes, issues, literary devices, arguments, style, tone, meter, symbolism, other interesting information about each poem you read in preparation for this project.

eBooks: Poems & Poetry

Poems & Poetry in EBSCOhost eBooks database

This link takes you to a search of eBooks with poems and about poetry within out largest collection of eBooks, with over 200,000 titles in a broad range of reference, scholarly, and professional works from some of the world's top universities and commercial presses.

Salem Press eBooks: Literature

Includes critical insights of selected authors, works, and themes; browse the various literature titles (left side of the screen)

Literature & Literary Criticism Databases

Gale Literature (Literary Sources)

Literary criticism primary sources, critical articles, literary and cultural analysis, and biographies. Includes formerly separate databases Literature Resource Center + Literature Criticism Online; and a robust collection of online reference books in literary studies.

Literature Criticism Online

Full-text criticism of drama, poetry and short stories.

Magill OnLiterature Plus (EBSCOhost)

A premier literary database, combining Magill OnLiterature and Magill OnAuthors. Tip: Try an Advanced Search to focus your research.

Literature Resource Center

A comprehensive literature reference database, includes full-text biographical, bibliographical and critical content; antiquity to modern era.


Includes poems, short stories, essays, plays, and speeches throughout all time periods (full-text and citations).

General Article Databases

EBSCOhost : All Databases

Cross-search all EBSCO databases (over 30); magazines, journals, ebooks, news and primary sources, covering multi-disciplinary topics.


Full-text archives of 1400 scholarly journals and ebooks in the arts, humanities, social sciences and sciences.

Gale Databases (cross-search)

Cross-search a large number of Gale databases in one search, or select specialized subject collections for your topic research.


The Library's OneSearch tool cross-searches various library collections. Use OneSearch to locate and access ebooks, articles, print books, DVDs, audiobooks, streaming media, and more.

Accessing Databases from Off-Campus

  • Use your SURF ID & Password to access databases & eBooks from off-campus.
  • Always start from the Miracosta College Library website or the Student Support Hub: Online Library within Canvas to access library databases. All library databases, A to Z list.