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Info 6: Citing Sources

Complete This Citation

What's the missing element if you were to cite the article on the right in MLA style?  Note that the article was accessed on August 19, 2012. 

Complete This Citation
Emerald Group Publishing Limited: 24 votes (21.43%)
Kemmy Business School: 2 votes (1.79%)
University of Limerick, Ireland: 12 votes (10.71%)
Journal of Small Business and Enterprise Development (italicized): 66 votes (58.93%)
Abstract: 2 votes (1.79%)
College of Science and Engineering: 6 votes (5.36%)
Total Votes: 112

Scholarly APA Article Info

Sample Scholarly Article From EBSCOhost

The Missing Link?

What major citation element is missing from the information on the left that would prevent you from citing this source?

The Missing Link?
Date the article was published: 14 votes (13.33%)
Digital Object Identifier or DOI: 26 votes (24.76%)
Editor's name: 21 votes (20%)
Volume and issue numbers: 6 votes (5.71%)
Date article was accessed: 17 votes (16.19%)
Database name: 21 votes (20%)
Total Votes: 105