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Journey to the West: Lunar New Year (2016)

Lunar New Year Theme

Welcome to the 10th anniversary of celebrating Chinese New Year at MiraCosta College!

The MCC Library and Chinese Club invite you to a public viewing of our latest exhibition, Journey to the West. Travel with us as we explore the many facets of the Lunar New Year, celebrated by millions of people around the world.  Each exhibit offers a rich experience and unique glimpse into a festive event.  The novel, Journey to the West, serves as our theme; it is one of the four great classical novels of Chinese literature, and its main character Sun Wukong (also known as the “Monkey King”) appropriately evokes the Chinese zodiac animal for 2016:  The Monkey.

Eight exhibits have been produced for your enjoyment.  The number 8 is also an auspicious item in Chinese culture since its pronunciation in Chinese sounds like "prosperity."  It is with this in mind that we hope you have a prosperous year ahead. 

From East to West